Green Plastics

CVP launches a new stage in the production of polyethylene bottles and jars intended for the Beauty, Cosmetics, Food and Chemicals markets, which combines technical innovations and sustainable development solutions.

Which is the result of the combination of sugar cane, and new industrial technologies of ethanol.

To simply identify all its vegetable plastic packaging and other reduced carbon impact materials, CVP created a brand “Hat”: SO GREEN by CVP


Under the So green by CVP brand, you will find all packaging that incorporates plastics from nature or valued.

The 100% vegetable polyethylene extrusion blow molding and injection, combines the compatibilities container-contents, and the positive impact on the environment.


  • In plant resin
  • Annually renewable
  • Durable (and not biodegradable)
  • Eco-designed and providing an environmental benefit
  • Recyclable end-of-life compatible, compliant with the recovery systems in place