The injection:

Allows to obtain in a single operation a finished product, with a complex form, in a range of weight of some grams to several kilograms.

The soft material (which gets fluid by increasing the Temperature) is mixed at first by a screw turning in a warmed cylinder then introduced under pressure into a closed mold.

>> jars, securibox, lids, buckets…

Jars park machines
  • 87 jars injection press from 30 to 2500ml, the annual production capacity is 1125 million units.
  • 40 IML lines
  • 10 UV Offset lines
  • Tool Workshop integrate
Bucket park machines
  • 35 buckets injection press from 0.5 to 30L, with 4 of them in 2 cavities,  the annual production capacity is 75 million units.
  • 12 IML lines
  • 4 UV Offset lines
  • Tool Workshop integrate