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Carbon neutrality for small and medium-sized businesses
Jean Michel Lehembre spoke at the CESE (social and environmental economic council) on the topic “TPE-SME, how to achieve carbon neutrality?”




Discover the universe and the CVP team Creative Vision of Packaging

CVP Creative Vision of Packaging brings you innovative and daily solutions in plastic packaging. One of our mottoes “Passion for work and well-being”! Come discover our universe, our values, our concepts and the team




RESID Nord-Pas de Calais

Back to the two days of formation of the RESID group on design




Interview JADDE 2012

Provide anticipatory and daily solutions in plastic packaging. Our strategy is to benefit all our customers benefit from the big account to the smallest of our environmental innovations on all of our specific standard products.

Eco-designed product / service:
– SO GREEN by CVP “go from a 100% oil packaging to a 100% vegetable packaging”: all our bottles and jars can be made in 100% vegetable HDPE. This approach, coupled with the calculation of the carbon footprint of each package, makes it possible to move from a positive carbon footprint that has an impact on the environment to a negative footprint: “a negative CO² balance sheet is more than positive”. All our results give carbon credits, and allow to enter the positive economy, that which can produce in restoring the ecological capital.

LCA, eco-design and packaging

June 3, 2013:

For 18 months, 8 competitiveness and excellence clusters in Nord-Pas de Calais have mobilized and questioned 600 economic actors (companies, research and training centers) in partnership with the [avniR] platform.

Objective: propose action plans to develop eco-design and Life Cycle Analysis to better design products / services in 8 strategic sectors for the region: mechanics, textile, seafood and packaging in 2012; agro-food, wood, building and recycling in 2013.