Jerrycans & drums

For packaging of food, chemistry and health products. We propose a range of jerrycans, rounds and squares drums made of PET, RPET, PE and multilayers from 1L to 75L.

Food jerrycans

PE, PET/RPET, and Multilayers Jerrycans of rectangular and square shape from 2L to 60 L.

Health jerrycans

PE and multilayers jerrycans from 1L to 60L.

Chemical jerrycans

PE, HDPE, and multilayers jerrycans of square and rectangular shape from 2L to 60L.

So green jerrycans

RPET jerrycans of square and round shape from 5 to 10L.

Chemical drums

PE tight-head drums and total opening drums from 30L to 220 L.

Drums – PE

PE drums, from 30L to 75 L.