CVP - Creative Vision Of Packaging 2015

Discover our ” Award innovation 2014” from the Salon de l’emballage: the microwaveable hot and cold tray meal.

So Green by CVP

So green is the brand developed by CVP which includes all the products which combined technical innovations and solutions of sustainable development. The brand So Green allows to easily locate packaging’s with plastics made from the nature or valued.

CVP Products

Discover our flasks, jars, buckets, cans, jerricans for the Food, the Chemistry, the Beauty and the Health industries

CVP, un réseau de co-entrepreneurs qui vous apporte des solutions anticipatrices, quotidiennes et complètes en emballage plastique pour les domaines de l’Alimentaire, de la Beauté, de la Chimie et de la Santé.

Actors in the field of the beauty, CVP proposes you a wide range of flasks and jars to condition your cosmetics.

Whatever are your foodstuffs, CVP proposes you a wide range of buckets, cans, jars and bottles ideally conceived for the storage, the transport and\or the sale of your products.

You are an actors of the chemical industry, CVP proposes you plastic packaging’s such as cans, buckets, jerricans, flasks .. for the conditioning of your products..

Discover our ranges of jars, snap secure and flasks intended for the packaging of the pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products.